About Us

Midas Touch is an Environmental Conservation Organization which was established in 2009, headquartered in Imphal, Manipur. We work in partnership with community towards tackling the world’s biggest sustainability challenges by empowering people to live a respectable, sustainable life, using nature’s assets, while also protecting them.

We are built on a strong foundation of science and partnership, empowering individuals and communities to be self-reliant, while caring for nature, biodiversity, and working for the overall well-being of humanity and the planet. Scientific intervention for societal impact also plays a key role in our organization.

Self-reliance is at the core of Midas Touch

Our Mission

To conserve, restore and protect our biodiversity in order to make Earth a better place to live and to help transform the economy to build a sustainable future for people and the planet, while focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Vision

Building a future where everyone lives a happy, secured and dignified life, in a world that is Greener, and where all plant and animal life flourishes For us, Sustainability is the bottom line.

Our Values

We dream of a self-reliant, healthy and prosperous world in which people are empowered and committed to caring for and valuing life and nature, where each individual lives with respect and dignity, and is well trained to utilize the available resources, responsibly and sustainably.
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Our Team

Dr Bachaspatimayum Debkumari

Founder & Executive Director

Rajkumar Tomba

Senior Director

Genen Sharma

Market and Value Chain Specialist

Joybarta Hazarimayum

Field Coordinator

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